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Sophos UTM helps you consolidate your security without
compromising its effectiveness. By combining multiple
security layers, it’s simple to protect your users everywhere
while making security easier to deploy and manage.

Consolidated network security platform - no
Protect your network using multi-layered proven protection
technologies including Advanced Threat Protection (ATP),
IPS, VPN, email and web filtering combined with the
industry’s simplest admin interface. We’ve engineered our
software and hardware to give you the throughput speeds
you need. And, you can choose the level of protection you
need with modular subscriptions as every feature is available
on every appliance.

All the Next-Gen Firewall features you need
We’ll give you complete control to block, allow, shape and
prioritize applications. Our Deep Layer-7 inspection (Next-
Generation Firewall) ensures true application identification
and has regular automatic updates. And you’ll get feedback
on unclassified applications too.

Intuitive management and detailed reporting
You’ll know what’s happening with your users and you’ll have
complete control over all the features you need, with none of
the complexity. Easily build policies while getting detailed
real-time and historical data with our on-box reporting,
helping you to fix problems fast. And our Free Sophos UTM
Manager lets you centrally administer several appliances
through asingle login.

Connect remote offices with easy VPN and Wi-Fi
Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device) provides secure
remote access to your off-site locations. It’s the first security
gateway that requires no technical skills at the remote site.
Once installed, it forwards traffic to the UTM for complete
security. Sophos UTM also works as a wireless controller;
access points are automatically set up and receive complete
UTM protection.

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